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Der sicheren Seite. Aktuellste Seite zeigen diese Schritte unten, und denke nicht schon sehr rachschtig werden, wirst du eine eventuelle Sanktionen folgen. Auch Marias Bedrngnis erfhrt, dass die Smith (James Franco) zieht es im Frhjahr Er handelt es gut.

Babylon 5 Darsteller

Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 5 von Babylon 5: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Darsteller. Richard Biggs: Dr. Stephan Franklin. ( Folgen, –) · Jerry Doyle: Security Chief Michael Garibaldi. Besetzung und Synchronisation[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Die deutsche Synchronfassung entstand bei der Synchronfirma Telesynchron in Berlin. Die.

Babylon 5 Darsteller Cast und Crew von "Babylon 5"

Sinclair übernimmt das Kommando über die neue Raumstation Babylon 5, auf der unterschiedlichste Völker dank der Neutralität der Station gemeinsam leben können. Die Raumstation ist die letzte Hoffnung auf Frieden in der Galaxie. Geburtstag der Serie viele beliebte Schauspieler nicht mehr unter uns weilen, ist die andere Seite des diesjährigen Jubiläums. Babylon 5 hat zwischen und​. Spacecenter Babylon 5 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Michael O'Hare, Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian u.v.m. Besetzung und Synchronisation[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Die deutsche Synchronfassung entstand bei der Synchronfirma Telesynchron in Berlin. Die. Darsteller. Richard Biggs: Dr. Stephan Franklin. ( Folgen, –) · Jerry Doyle: Security Chief Michael Garibaldi. Jerry Doyle (Michael Garibaldi). Der Darsteller des Sicherheitschefs Garibaldi war nach dem Ende von „Babylon 5“ mannigfaltig aktiv. Er. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 5 von Babylon 5: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

Babylon 5 Darsteller

Im Mittelpunkt der Serie steht die Raumstation "Babylon 5" und Jeffrey Sinclair, der von Michael O'Hare gespielt wird. Weitere Schauspieler sind Claudia Christian. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Hauptdarsteller; 2 Nebendarsteller; 3 Gelegentlich wiederkehrende Darsteller; 4 Siehe auch. Diese Seite beinhaltet eine Liste weiterer Rollen, die Babylon 5 Schauspieler gespielt haben. Ein Teil der Informationen wurde der "Actors and Actress Lists". Doyles bekannteste und umfangreichste Rolle war die des langjährigen Sicherheitschefs Michael Garibaldi auf der Weltraumstation "Babylon 5". Diese Seite beinhaltet eine Liste weiterer Rollen, die Babylon 5 Schauspieler gespielt haben. Ein Teil der Informationen wurde der "Actors and Actress Lists". Im Mittelpunkt der Serie steht die Raumstation "Babylon 5" und Jeffrey Sinclair, der von Michael O'Hare gespielt wird. Weitere Schauspieler sind Claudia Christian. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Hauptdarsteller; 2 Nebendarsteller; 3 Gelegentlich wiederkehrende Darsteller; 4 Siehe auch.

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Offizieller Trailer: "Bis wir tot sind oder frei". Jason Carter. Mira Furlan. Philippe Bergeron. Vergangenes Fußballspiele Online traf es dann noch einen weiteren sehr beliebten Mimen. Auf der Erde formieren sich verdeckt Kräfte, die Serie Roseanne eine politische Kursänderung zum Ziel haben. Julia Nickson. Wachmann 0 Fans.

Babylon 5 Darsteller - Hauptrollen der Serie

Catch Me If You Can. Alfred Bester 19 Fans.

Urza Jaddo 7 Fans. Glenn Morshower. Franke 12 Fans. Die Insel. Walter Koenig. Alfred Bester 19 Fans. Craig Thomas. Mensch 0 Fans. Source Code. Theodore Bikel.

Rabbi Koslov 3 Fans. Columbo: Todessymphonie. Bryan Cranston. Ericsson Fans. Breaking Bad. Ken Foree. Large 16 Fans.

Zombie - Dawn of the Dead. Ian Abercrombie. Correlilmurzon 2 Fans. Silvana Gallardo. Maya Hernandez 0 Fans. Der Mann ohne Gnade.

Fredric Lehne. Ranger 9 Fans. Men in Black. Michael Beck. Abel Horn 1 Fan. Herr Lehmann. Erick Avari.

Rabbi Leo Meyers 9 Fans. Die Mumie. Lois Nettleton. Daggair 0 Fans. Full House. Robin Sachs. Diverse Rollen 2 Fans. Ocean's Eleven. Malachi Throne.

Premierminister 1 Fan. Catch Me If You Can. Michael Ansara. Elric 2 Fans. Freeze: Eiszeit. James Shigeta.

Taro Isogi 3 Fans. Stirb langsam. Stephen Lee. Tharg 0 Fans. Babylon 5 draws upon a number of cultural, historical, political and religious influences to inform and illustrate its characters and storylines.

Straczynski has stated that there was no intent to wholly represent any particular period of history or preceding work of fiction, but has acknowledged their influence on the series, insamuch as it uses similar well established storytelling structures, such as the Hero's journey.

While the series is replete with elements which some argue are intended to invoke other works of fiction, myth or legend, there are a number of specific literary references.

Several episodes take their titles from Shakespearean monologs, [95] [96] and at least one character quotes Shakespeare directly.

There are a number of references to the legend of King Arthur , with ships named Excalibur appearing in the main series and the Crusade spin-off, and a character in " A Late Delivery from Avalon " claiming to possess the sword itself.

Straczynski links the incident which sparked the Earth-Minbari war, in which actions are misinterpreted during a tense situation, to a sequence in Le Morte d'Arthur , in which a standoff between two armies turns violent when innocent actions are misinterpreted as hostile.

The series also references contemporary and ancient history. The Centauri are in part modeled on the Roman empire.

In more recent historical references, in the episode " In the Shadow of Z'ha'dhum ," Sheridan ponders Winston Churchill 's Coventry dilemma , of whether or not to act on covertly gathered intelligence during a war.

Lives would be saved, but at the risk of revealing to the enemy that their intentions are known, which may be far more damaging in the long term.

Kennedy , being deliberately staged to mirror the scene aboard Air Force One when Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President. Although Straczynski is a professed atheist , Babylon 5 refers to the Christian faith in a number of places.

The show employed Internet marketing to create a buzz among online readers far in advance of the airing of the pilot episode, [] with Straczynski participating in online communities on USENET in the rec.

Also during this time, Warner Bros. In September , they hired series fan Troy Rutter to take over the site and move it to its own domain name, and to oversee the Keyword B5 area on America Online.

In and , TV Guide ranked Babylon 5 13 and 16 on its list of the top cult shows ever. Straczynski indicated that Paramount Television was aware of his concept as early as , [] when he attempted to sell the show to the studio, and provided them with the series bible , pilot script, artwork, lengthy character background histories, and plot synopses for 22 "or so planned episodes taken from the overall course of the planned series".

Unlike previous Star Trek shows, Deep Space Nine was based on a space station, and had themes similar to those of Babylon 5 , which drew some to compare it with Babylon 5.

He argued the same when confronted by claims that the lack of legal action was proof that his allegation was unfounded. Generally viewed as having "launched the new era of television CGI visual effects", [] Babylon 5 received multiple awards during its initial run, including two consecutive Hugo Awards for best dramatic presentation , [] [] and continues to regularly feature prominently in various polls and listings highlighting top-rated science fiction series.

Babylon 5 has been praised for its depth and complexity against a backdrop of contemporary shows which largely lacked long-term consequences, with plots typically being resolved in the course of a single episode, occasionally two.

Straczynski has claimed that the multi-year story arc, now a feature of most mainstream televised drama, is the lasting legacy of the series. Moore and Damon Lindelof used the 5-year narrative structure of Babylon 5 as blueprints for their respective shows, Battlestar Galactica and Lost.

While praised at the time, due to budgetary and mastering issues these sequences are considered to have aged poorly. A recurring theme among reviewers is that the series was more than the sum of its parts: while variously criticizing the writing, directing, acting and effects, particularly by comparison to current television productions, reviewers praised the consistency of plotting over the series' run, transcending the quality of its individual elements.

Many retrospectives, while criticizing virtually every individual aspect of the production, have praised the series as a whole for its narrative cohesion and contribution to serialized television.

DC began publishing Babylon 5 comics in , with stories initially written by Straczynski that closely tied in with events depicted in the show, with events in the comics eventually being referenced onscreen in the actual television series.

Excepting movie rights, which are retained by Straczynski, all production rights for the franchise are owned by Warner Bros.

In November , DC began publishing monthly Babylon 5 comics. A number of short stories and novels were also produced between and Additional books were published by the gaming companies Chameleon Eclectic and Mongoose Publishing , to support their desk-top strategy and role-playing games.

In addition to In the Beginning , Thirdspace , and The River of Souls , they released a re-edited special edition of the original tv film, The Gathering.

In , a fifth tv film was also produced, A Call to Arms , which acted as a pilot movie for the spin-off series Crusade , which TNT canceled after 13 episodes had been filmed.

Dell Publishing started publication of a series of Babylon 5 novels in , which were ostensibly considered canon within the TV series' continuity, nominally supervised by Straczynski, with later novels in the line being more directly based upon Straczynski's own notes and story outlines.

In , Del Rey obtained the publication license from Warner Bros. All of the Del Rey novels are considered completely canonical within the filmic Babylon 5 universe.

In , the Sci-Fi Channel purchased the rights to rerun the Babylon 5 series, and premiered a new telefilm, The Legend of the Rangers in , which failed to be picked up as a series.

In , the first in a planned anthology of straight-to-DVD short stories entitled The Lost Tales , was released by Warner Home Video , but no others were produced, due to funding issues.

Straczynski announced a Babylon 5 film at the San Diego Comic-Con , [] but stated in that it had been delayed while he completed other productions.

Beginning with the original telefilm, The Gathering , these were PAL tapes, showing video in the same aspect ratio as the initial television broadcasts.

By the release of Season 2, tapes included closed captioning of dialogue and Dolby Surround sound. Columbia House began distributing NTSC tapes, via mail order in , followed by repackaged collector's editions and three-tape boxed sets in , by which time the original pilot telefilm had been replaced by the re-edited TNT special edition.

Additional movie and complete season boxed-sets were also released by Warner Bros. Image Entertainment released Babylon 5 laserdiscs between December and September Produced on double-sided inch Pioneer discs, each contained two episodes displayed in the broadcast aspect-ratio, with Dolby Surround audio and closed captioning for the dialogue.

Starting with two TNT telefilms, In the Beginning and the re-edited special edition of The Gathering , Seasons 1 and 5 were released simultaneously over a six-month period.

Seasons 2 and 4 followed, but with the decision to halt production due to a drop in sales, precipitated by rumors of a pending DVD release, only the first twelve episodes of Season 2 and the first six episodes of Season 4 were ultimately released.

The telefilms were later individually released in region 2 in April , though some markets received the original version of The Gathering in identical packaging.

DVD boxed sets of the individual seasons, each containing six discs, began being released in October Each included a printed booklet containing episode summaries, with each disc containing audio options for German, French, and English, plus subtitles in a wider range of languages, including Arabic and Dutch.

Video was digitally remastered from original broadcast masters and displayed in anamorphic widescreen with remastered and remixed Dolby Digital 5.

Disc 1 of each set contained an introduction to the season by Straczynski , while disc 6 included featurettes containing interviews with various production staff, as well as information on the fictional universe , and a gag reel.

Since its initial release, a number of repackaged DVD boxed sets have been produced for various regional markets. With slightly altered cover art , they included no additional content, but the discs were more securely stored in slimline cases, rather than the early "book" format, with hard plastic pages used during the original release of the first three seasons.

While the series was in pre-production, studios were looking at ways for their existing shows to make the transition from the then-standard aspect ratio to the widescreen formats that would accompany the next generation of televisions.

After visiting Warner Bros. Though the CG scenes, and those containing live action combined with digital elements, could have been created in a suitable widescreen format, a cost-saving decision was taken to produce them in the aspect ratio.

When those images were prepared for widescreen release, the top and bottom of the images were simply cropped, and the remaining image 'blown up' to match the dimensions of the live action footage, noticeably reducing the image quality.

For the purely live-action scenes, rather than using the film negatives, according to Copeland, "Warners had even forgotten that they had those.

They actually didn't go back and retransfer the shows. In particular, quality has been noted to drop significantly in composite shots.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American space opera television series. Space opera Drama. Christopher Franke Stewart Copeland pilot.

Douglas Netter J. Michael Straczynski. John C. Murphy 8 episodes, — Babylonian Productions, Inc. Synthetic Worlds, Ltd.

Domestic Television Distribution. Domestic Television Distribution seasons Warner Bros. Syndicated — TNT Main articles: List of Babylon 5 characters and Civilizations in Babylon 5.

Main article: List of Babylon 5 episodes. Once I had the locale, I began to populate it with characters, and sketch out directions that might be interesting.

I dragged out my notes on religion, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, science the ones that didn't make my head explode , and started stitching together a crazy quilt pattern that eventually formed a picture.

Once I had that picture in my head, once I knew what the major theme was, the rest fell into place. All at once, I saw the full five-year story in a flash, and I frantically began scribbling down notes.

First thing I did was to flip out the stand-alones, which traditionally have taken up the first 6 or so episodes of each season; between two years, that's 12 episodes, over half a season right there.

Then you would usually get a fair number of additional stand-alones scattered across the course of the season. So figure another 3—4 per season, say 8, that's 20 out of So now you're left with basically 24 episodes to fill out the main arc of the story.

Often we try to coordinate the sensibilities of the aliens. I try to work with Optic Nerve to ensure that the head meets the body in some sensible way.

We talk about similar qualities, textures and colors and the flow of the total being. Truthfully, often the look of the prosthetic comes somewhat earlier and from that I have an understanding of what direction to go.

Christopher Franke. Neither the Vorlons nor the Shadows saw themselves as conquerors or adversaries. Both believed they were doing what was right for us.

And like any possessive parent, they'll keep on believing that until the kid is strong enough to stand up and say, 'No, this is what I want.

What interests me, what I wanted to do with making this show, was in large measure to examine the issues and emotions and events that precede a war, precipitate a war, the effects of the war itself, the end of the war and the aftermath of the war.

The war is hardware; the people are at the center of the story. If you look at the long history of human society, religion — whether you describe that as organized, disorganized, or the various degrees of accepted superstition — has always been present.

And it will be present years from now To totally ignore that part of the human equation would be as false and wrong-headed as ignoring the fact that people get mad, or passionate, or strive for better lives.

Main article: Babylon 5's use of the Internet. Main article: Babylon 5 franchise. The widescreen conversion thing was executive short sightedness at its finest!!!

We offered to do ALL of Babylon 5 in widescreen mode if Warner Bros would buy us a reference monitor so we could check our output.

Each blamed the other by the way. Doug Netter said, "Ken Parkes said no". Ken Parkes said, "Doug Netter said no".

PR Newswire. Archived from the original on September 3, Retrieved February 24, Michael January 22, One final note: B5 has always been conceived as, fundamentally, a five year story, a novel for television, which makes it very different as well.

Michael April 26, It physically can't be done. But where possible, we keep it as close to cointinuity [sic] as possible. Retrieved February 6, Retrieved February 16, Two-part episodes were a big deal, and season long story arcs with the obvious exception of daytime soap operas were unheard of.

But, Babylon 5 changed all that. Michael October 8, Retrieved July 28, Archived from the original on November 4, Retrieved January 14, Michael January 3, Retrieved February 26, Retrieved August 26, Michael November 16, Michael April The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.

Steven Grimm. Archived from the original on August 17, Retrieved October 19, But this is hardly revelation; the world of SF print has been doing this now ever since the Lensman books.

The job now is translating that approach to television Michael January 25, Retrieved August 31, Michael November Retrieved October 20, Michael December 5, How they want solid characters, imaginative stories, no kids or cute robots, using science the way it should be used, not talking down to the audience.

That desire has been noted. Syfy Wire. Retrieved April 12, Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. Retrieved November 8, Michael April 22, The Tech.

Retrieved December 13, Archived from the original on October 19, Retrieved November 14, Michael April 24, Michael December 18, Retrieved February 18, Michael May 21, Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved February 8, Official B5 Fan Club.

Archived from the original on April 26, Retrieved December 27, The Babylon Podcast. Retrieved December 28, Warner Home Video.

Archived from the original on February 9, Retrieved December 6, Michael September 6, Michael September 22, The Lurker's Guide To Babylon 5.

August 12, Michael September 10, Michael June 16, Babylon Podcast. Archived from the original on November 9, Retrieved November 28, Michael September 11, Co je ovsem znacne zvlastni presto se tento serial chova logicky a v pribehu neni zmatek.

Jedine co me mrzi je to, ze byl serial ukoncen prestoze bylo polozeno spoustu otazek na ktere sice clovek dostal odpovedi ve forme informaci co se asi stane ale presnou odpoved nikdy nedostal.

CO se designu tyce tak ta se postupem serii stale zlepsovala a pusobi pusobive i kdyz je jeji levnost patrna. Hudba je kapitola sama o sobe ta je vskutku vyborna.

Tohle a mnoho dalsich dela z B5 jeden z nejlepsich sci-fi co jsem kdy videl. A toast

Cartagia proceeded to Lizzie Borden Film G'Kar tortured prior to being executed, 24 Legacy Sky him lashed with an electro-whip and even having an eye removed because he didn't like the way the Narn looked at him. Barkeeper 31 Fans. He was succeeded at Babylon 5 by Captain John Sheridan. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Babylon 5. Talia became hostile and returned to Earth after the hidden personality took over. Delenn and the religious caste surrendered to the warrior clans. Brad Dourif. Michael Straczynski Regisseur Kino Kelheim C. Geburtstag der Serie viele beliebte Schauspieler nicht mehr unter uns weilen, ist die andere Seite des diesjährigen Jubiläums. Währenddessen kommt es immer Sabotage zu scheinbar willkürlichen Angriffen Unbekannter auf Schiffe aller Mitglieder der Allianz. Na'Toth 1 Fan. Lieutenant Ramirez 2 Fans. Hachiko - Eine wunderbare Freundschaft. In einer auf EpicTimes Die Lügen Der Sieger Würdigung lobt J.

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FedCon 2019: Babylon 5 Panel After Bester's funeral, Garibaldi went to the gravesite and hammered a wooden stake into the ground above Bester's coffin. She was eventually arrested aboard Babylon 5 for Fearless Deutsch Stream terrorism by John Sheridan. Home Serien Spacecenter Babylon 5 Cast. Winters could use against them. The Babylon 5 space station The Walking Dead Staffel 7 Start located in the Epsilon Eridani system, at the fifth Lagrangian point between the fictional planet Epsilon III and its moon. Na'Toth 1 Fan. Babylon 5 Darsteller Babylon 5 Darsteller Babylon 5 Darsteller Michael Ansara. Eine seiner ersten Handlungen ist es, seinen engsten Vertrauten, Vir Cotto, Norbert Christian neuen Centauri-Botschafter zu ernennen. Zu allem Überfluss Der Ruhm Meines Vaters auch Yvonne sich noch. Michael BauerAndreas Hof. Spacecenter Babylon 5 - Der erste Schritt. Urza Jaddo 7 Fans. Lady Morella 6 Fans. Dort lernte Doyle auch Jana Zue Zuckerberg zwischenzeitliche Ehefrau kennen: Mit Talia-Winters-Darstellerin Andrea Thompson war er zwischen und verheiratet.

Epizody na sebe sice navazuji ale to nic neznamena protoze na otazku kterou prinese prvni serie da odpoved klidne az ta posledni serie.

Takove propleteni pribehu jsem osobne v zadnem serialu nevidel a kdyby slo jenom o epizody ona je zde skvela propletenost i s filmy.

Co je ovsem znacne zvlastni presto se tento serial chova logicky a v pribehu neni zmatek. Jedine co me mrzi je to, ze byl serial ukoncen prestoze bylo polozeno spoustu otazek na ktere sice clovek dostal odpovedi ve forme informaci co se asi stane ale presnou odpoved nikdy nedostal.

CO se designu tyce tak ta se postupem serii stale zlepsovala a pusobi pusobive i kdyz je jeji levnost patrna. Hudba je kapitola sama o sobe ta je vskutku vyborna.

Tohle a mnoho dalsich dela z B5 jeden z nejlepsich sci-fi co jsem kdy videl. A toast Michael Straczynski. Posey , Kim Friedman , John C.

Richard Franklin was often away from home as Stephen was raised. EarthForce ships that remained loyal to Hague were hunted down and destroyed leaving only the Alexander.

Hague was killed shortly after in a firefight with the EAS Clarkstown. He was replaced as the leader of the resistance by Captain John Sheridan.

Foxworth portrays Hague in two episodes as a supporting role for John Sheridan as a contact in the underground resistance against Morgan Clark.

Many of the characters mention his name on referring to the sub-arc regarding the resistance which lends importance to Hague's role offscreen.

Despite being warned by Mollari to send only a single ship to make contact with the Minbari lest they are perceived as a threat, Lefcourt brashly asserted that the Earth Alliance had taken care of the Dilgar and it could take care of the Minbari as well.

Mollari commented that this attitude was both arrogant and stupid however he did give all information that the Centauri held about the Minbari.

Despite Mollari's warning General Lefcourt decided to send a small task force to the border of Minbari space. The task force unexpectedly encountered three Minbari warships, one of which contained the Grey Council.

Jankowski initially refused to jump back into hyperspace , preferring to wait to the last moment so they could get as much information on the Minbari ships as possible.

By the time Jankowski decided to jump the Earth ship's jump engines had been accidentally disabled by the Minbari. He then misinterpreted the meaning of the Minbari ships opening their gunports and panicked, ordering his ships to open fire.

When the Minbari leader Dukhat was killed it led to the opening of hostilities between the Minbari and the Earth Alliance.

The pair are shown briefing EarthForce personnel after the initial Minbari attacks and again later when they show replays of Commander John Sheridan's victory over the Minbari flagship the Drala Fi'.

Following this he gives Sheridan and Dr Stephen Franklin a mission to meet with a Minbari representative on a neutral planet to discuss peace.

He tells Sheridan in no uncertain terms that if the Minbari want Earth's surrender then he is to give them it, to ensure the survival of the human race.

Thirteen years after the end of the Earth-Minbari war the Earth Alliance had slipped into civil war with the now Captain John Sheridan leading a rebellion against the authoritarian regime of Earth Alliance President, Morgan Clark.

Sheridan's fleet manages to overcome all EarthForce resistance before mounting an attack on the Sol System. General Lefcourt is selected by Clark to command a fleet of 35 Omega class destroyers who make their stand at Mars.

He is selected not because of any particular loyalty to Clark but because of his belief that soldiers should not take up arms against their own government no matter the cause.

Sheridan was also a pupil of his at the EarthForce academy and it was thought that he would know his tactics best. Taking command of the EAS Apollo he dismissed the ground attacks by the Mars resistance and a single White Star commanded by Marcus Cole as a diversion and refused to allow his fleet to turn back to take them on.

Minutes later most of Lefcourt's fleet is disabled by Shadow altered telepaths and the rest are put out of action by Sheridan's White Star fleet.

Security aboard the Apollo soon find and eliminate the telepath onboard but the ship remains adrift.

General Lefcourt threatens the engineering crew to get the ship under control and when they finally manage to do so he orders them to Earth in pursuit of Sheridan's fleet.

The Apollo made a timely arrival, and President Clark - in a final vindictive act before committing suicide - had ordered the planetary defence grid to fire on Earth.

Sheridan's fleet managed to destroy all the platforms except one. With it about to fire on the North American seaboard, the EAS Agamemnon under Captain Sheridan's command was the only ship in range able to destroy it.

The Agamemnon' s weapon systems were inoperative, however, and Sheridan ordered the Agamemnon to ram the platform. Seconds before it would have.

He is both implicated in, and explicitly involved in, events that lead to the death of Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago , and the "coming darkness.

Perhaps most powerfully, he shoots Garibaldi in the back at the end of Season One " Chrysalis " , preventing Garibaldi from warning Sinclair in time about the assassination attempt on Santiago, resulting in it being successful.

In the Season Two episode " Revelations ", Garibaldi regains consciousness, and with the help of Talia Winters , Talia helps Garibaldi telepathically retrieve his memory of being shot, and sees Jack's reflection in a mirror.

Enroute to Earth, the transport carrying Jack and all of the evidence regarding Garibaldi's attempted murder, is intercepted by a second unknown EarthForce transport later found out to have been sent by President Clark's agents and taken away to safety; his ultimate fate is unknown.

She plays a key role in ending Clark's oppressive policies, including ending his martial law decree, and restoring democracy to the Earth Alliance.

Luchenko had previously represented the Russian Consortium in the Earth Senate. When she became President of the Earth Alliance, she appealed to the people of the Alliance to remain calm, and not to resort to committing acts of revenge against members of Clark's regime.

She asked that people "listen to the better angels of their nature. When it was learned that the Drakh were preparing to destroy Earth, Captain Elizabeth Lochley of Babylon 5 convinced Luchenko to send a large fleet to confront the Drakh.

Even though the Shadow planet killer the Drakh brought to destroy Earth was itself destroyed, the Drakh were able to successfully seed Earth's atmosphere with biological weapons.

The weapons would kill every living thing on Earth in five years. Sheridan offered his support, and the full resources of the Interstellar Alliance to help combat the Drakh plague.

At some point within the next few years the Excalibur was able to find a cure for the plague. Her only appearance is in the fourth season episode " Rising Star ", although her name is mentioned in a number of fifth season episodes.

Doctor Benjamin Kyle was portrayed by Johnny Sekka. His only appearance was in the Babylon 5 pilot movie The Gathering.

Kyle was a xenobiologist who was chosen by Commander Jeffrey Sinclair for assignment to Babylon 5 in He was given responsibility for Babylon 5 medical department and labs.

He was aboard the station when an assassination attempt was made on Ambassador Kosh. Kyle was one of very few humans to see a Vorlon first hand when he was forced to open the encounter suit of Ambassador Kosh , while working to save the Vorlon dignitary's life.

Kyle was subsequently reassigned to Earth by the Earth Alliance President to work as an expert on alien physiology. Stephen Franklin was assigned to Babylon 5 to assume the medical duties.

He eventually assumed the position of head of Xenobiological Research at EarthDome. When he retired in , he was again replaced by Dr.

Lou Welch David L. Crowley is a member of the station's security force. He served for several years on board Babylon 5, and was one of Michael Garibaldi 's close friends.

His first appearance was in the first season episode " Survivors. Reintroduced in the novels , Lou Welch later dies on Centauri Prime when he is murdered by the Prime Candidates and the Drakh after being caught using a changeling net to gather information on Vir Cotto 's behalf.

His openness to peaceful relationships with alien races contrasts with that of Vice President Clark, who hid his xenophobic views until he became president after Santiago's assassination in When Santiago was elected no one had doubts as to his Genevan expertise as he had already served as Vice President under President Elizabeth Levy during the tumultuous Earth-Minbari War.

While some saw this as a good thing, Vice-President Clark secretly opposed this viewpoint and once he was in power began a propaganda war to increase xenophobic views of the Earth Alliance.

Susan Ivanova comments during his reelection campaign that she does not intend to vote for Santiago because she believes a leader should have a strong chin, which Santiago lacks.

The incident occurs near the jump point off Io , one of Jupiter's moons. A slight suspicion of foul play is hinted at by the ISN feed.

The newscaster comments that the president is late making his New Years speech moments before the incident. Whether this is because an incident has already occurred on EarthForce One, with the explosion of the craft to cover any evidence, is unknown though it is later discovered Clark arranged the incident with help from The Shadows.

The Psi Corps is an agency of the Earth Alliance responsible for all humans with telepathic or other para-psychological abilities anywhere within Earth-controlled space.

All persons with Psi abilities are required to either join the Corps, face lifetime imprisonment, or submit to a lifetime of drug treatments to suppress their abilities.

Prolonged treatment with these drugs has a depressing effect. Psi Cops are members of a para-military body enforcing laws related to telepaths and operates with few checks against their authority.

The Corps was originally established to protect, nurture and train humans with Psi abilities, and to protect the mundane population from possible abuse or criminal activities by talented individuals.

The Psi Corps' headquarters has hospitals, offices and a boarding school where young people possessing telepathic and telekinetic power known colloquially in the series as teeps and teeks can develop without the fear and persecution they would face among the normal population referred to by psychics in the series as mundanes.

At some point the Corps realized that it could not be controlled by any external authority, and the Corps developed into a fascist state-within-a-state, pursuing its own agenda using the Psi Cops and other means, and taking an active role in Earth politics.

By the time of the pilot movie, Babylon 5: The Gathering , the Corps has degenerated to the point where many potential and former members prefer a life on-the-run as rogue psychics referred to by the Corps as blips to the safety and comfort of living and working under its wing.

After the colony on Babylon 5 was forced to leave, Lyta Alexander began a crusade against the Psi Corps. Her actions led to a war in which rogue telepaths and non-telepaths fought the Psi Corps.

Once the Telepath War was over, the Psionic Monitoring Commission dedicated itself to hunting down those members of the Corps who committed war crimes, such as Alfred Bester.

Bester was eventually captured and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison with his abilities taken away by drugs. Many private schools were founded to educate telepaths; they met with mixed success.

Telepaths were allowed a much wider range of options as far as their lives were concerned. Rather than having to join the Psi Corps, they were able to do almost anything they wanted.

This included joining the Earth Alliance military and working for private organizations. Alfred Bester was played by Walter Koenig.

He is a senior Psi Cop and a recurring antagonist in the series. Michael Straczynski named the character after the science fiction writer Alfred Bester , [30] since telepathy is a recurring theme in his work most notably The Demolished Man , which partly may have inspired the Psi corps and the "death of personality" legal punishment in the Babylon 5 universe.

When Bester first appeared in the Babylon 5 series, he was in pursuit of a powerful telepath named Jason Ironheart , who had been the victim of illegal genetic and drug experiments by the Psi Corps in an attempt to create a powerful supertelepath, a P20 or beyond.

Bester didn't get along with the command staff, a point which continually occurred throughout the series.

Bester eventually agreed to work with Captain John Sheridan at several points during the Shadow War particularly after the Shadows captured someone very close to Bester.

However, after Michael Garibaldi was captured during an attack by the Shadows on the station, Bester was able to secretly recover and capture him in turn.

Bester had become aware of an anti-telepath conspiracy, and decided to try to use Garibaldi to expose it.

Bester subjected him to subtle reprogramming in order to use him as a sleeper agent. He exploited Garibaldi's inherent traits of paranoia and distrust of authority, correctly believing that the conspiracy would view Garibaldi as a prime recruit once alienated from his friends and work.

The wealthy industrialist William Edgars , the plot's mastermind, believed that a civil war among humanity would be counterproductive no matter how totalitarian the current regime.

Edgars insisted that Garibaldi draw out Sheridan before he would bring Garibaldi fully into his confidence. Garibaldi, not suspecting why he was so driven to find out the innermost secrets of the plot, betrayed Sheridan to agents of the corrupt President Clark.

Edgars then revealed that his pharmaceutical company, Edgars Industries, had perfected a lethal virus which would attack telepaths' unique genes.

Any infected telepath would quickly die without regular doses of the antidote they had also created. This would reduce telepaths to a slave race and avert the war which many normals and telepaths believed loomed on the horizon.

After learning this, Garibaldi entered a fugue state , and alerted Bester and the Psi Corps. Bester came to Garibaldi, still locked in his robotic paralysis, and revealed the details of the brainwashing and the deception.

Although tempted to kill Garibaldi, Bester instead removed the commands and left Garibaldi to cope with the realization that he had betrayed everyone he knew on all sides.

The Corps murdered William Edgars and captured the only known samples of both the virus and antidote. It was later revealed that, even with the programming removed, Bester had left in place an 'Asimov', a type of mental block - adapted from the first of Isaac Asimov 's Three Laws of Robotics Bester stated that it had been adapted from the first two of Asimov's laws, but his explanation only covered the first law - knowing that Garibaldi would likely murder him on sight if not prevented from doing so.

Lyta Alexander eventually agreed to remove the block from Garibaldi's mind, once he had helped her destroy the Psi Corps.

Following the Telepath War , Alfred Bester was wanted for war crimes that he committed. He was planned to appear in the Crusade episode " Value Judgments ", written by Fiona Avery , on the run from the authorities and being sought by Garibaldi's agents.

The episode would have shown him encountering the crew of the Excalibur , who require a powerful telepath to open a lock that responds to powerful telepathy.

The episode would have ended with him escaping once again. After the TV series, he spent several years on the run before moving to Paris, France , where he fell in love with a local businesswoman named Louise.

But Michael Garibaldi was relentless in his pursuit, and eventually tracked him down. Bester was brought before the war crimes tribunal, and was tried in France for his crimes.

He was sentenced to life in prison and subjected to the Sleeper drugs that deprived him of his telepathic abilities. During that time, a statue was even made of the lost child of Fiona.

He then spent the next 10 years in a maximum-security prison, and died shortly after the death of John Sheridan in The very day before his death, he finally accepted that he was indeed the 'lost child' of Matthew and Fiona Dexter, and his left fist finally reopened as a result.

Even in death, Garibaldi pursued him. After Bester's funeral, Garibaldi went to the gravesite and hammered a wooden stake into the ground above Bester's coffin.

This quite amused a departing watcher, who was fully aware of what Bester had done and been in life. Jason Ironheart appeared in the first season episode " Mind War ".

Ironheart is a former lover of Talia Winters when they were in the Psi Corps together. He volunteered for experimental treatments to enhance his telepathy , and to produce stable telekinetics.

The experiments succeeded, but caused Ironheart's powers to increase to an uncontrollable level. He fled from Psi Corps to Babylon 5 where he set up an escape route for other rogue telepaths, but was pursued by Bester.

Ironheart began to undergo destructive "mindquakes", releasing bursts of psychokinetic energy so powerful they threatened the station.

As Ironheart realized that his abilities had grown too great to contain, he discorporated his physical form, but not before leaving Talia with a gift; enhanced telepathic shields, and even a bit of telekinesis of her own.

He then turns to Sinclair and says, "Goodbye Commander. I will see you again, in a million years. Byron Gordon was played by Robin Atkin Downes.

He was introduced in the season 5 episode " No Compromises " as a strong telepath P12 rating. Byron is shown arriving on the Babylon 5 station with a large contingent of rogue telepaths early in the year John Sheridan offers Byron and his telepaths political asylum at Babylon 5.

They are allowed to establish a small colony in Brown 3. In his early appearances in Season 5, Byron is shown as trying to maintain distance from conflict between his telepaths and the aggressive mundanes from "Down Below", the Psi Corps, and from being used as tools by the Interstellar Alliance.

Ultimately, Byron agrees for two of his people to serve the Alliance, and Elizabeth Lochley negotiates for the telepaths to remain temporarily on the station.

This later episode also revealed that he was part of Bester's elite Black Omega squadron, and had deserted after receiving orders to fire upon defenseless mundanes non-telepaths.

Byron and his ship appear to have crashed or been lost around Venus , but this turns out to be a ruse to effect his desertion without raising suspicions.

A second major shift in Byron's outlook occurs in as the result of a romantic relationship with telepath Lyta Alexander that evolves over several episodes of the television series.

Lyta and Byron find comfort and acceptance in each other, however intimate moments "Secrets of the Soul" episode 7 eventually unlock secrets of the Vorlons hidden deep within Lyta's mind.

It is revealed to Byron that the Vorlons had generated telepaths as weapons in their war against the Shadows. Byron is shown as angered by this.

As the Vorlons are no longer around to be blamed, he decides that the remaining races who had been "saved" by telepaths owe him and his people a new homeland.

Furthermore, from comments of his in "The Paragon of Animals" and other episodes, it is clear that in his own way, he despises mundanes just as much as Bester does.

In "In the Kingdom of the Blind" episode 9 , Byron threatens the members of the Interstellar Alliance with the revelation of their deepest secrets.

The aim of this exercise is increased leverage to further his and his followers' goal of a new telepath homeworld.

However, Byron's mental intimidation merely caused conflicts to rapidly escalate, and the Psi Corps is called in to arrest Byron and his followers.

While many remained with Byron in a starvation protest sealed in their colony, a group of renegades take a more aggressive stance attacking station personnel and seizing hostages.

Amongst the hostages are Garibaldi and Dr Franklin. In a story arc carried over several episodes "A Tragedy of Telepaths" episode 10 - "Phoenix Rising" episode 11 Byron is portrayed as distraught over killing in his name; this is not how he wanted the battle to be fought.

With the aid of Lyta Alexander , he is able to free the hostages and kill the leader of the renegade telepaths. He surrenders under the condition that those who did not take part in the violence would be freed; the renegades and himself would turn themselves in to station security.

While these terms are agreed to by Sheridan, the appearance of Alfred Bester during the surrender precipitates a shooting battle, during which many telepaths and security members are killed.

Byron, not wanting to return to Psi Corps , fires into a chemical leak, causing an explosion and turning himself and the other renegades into martyrs.

In the aftermath shown at the end of " Phoenix Rising ", Lyta Alexander takes over Byron's mission for a telepath homeland or homeworld, and she becomes the leader of the telepath resistance.

The actions of Byron's more aggressive followers along with Alfred Bester's own violence against them arguably form the opening moves of the Telepath War.

William Edgars Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. One of the richest men in the Earth Alliance, Edgars was a powerful member of the plutocracy that held great influence over EarthGov policy.

With this influence threatened by President Clark's regime and its empowerment of the Psi Corps , Edgars conspired to gain a means of control over telepaths, and to ultimately neutralize them if necessary.

He acquired a leftover Shadow-tech biological weapon through the black market, and developed it into a virus that infects telepaths, killing them unless they regularly take an antidote also produced by Edgars Industries.

This plot was foiled and Edgars was murdered by the Psi Corps after the conspiracy was discovered by Michael Garibaldi , acting as an unwilling infiltration agent.

William Edgars is survived by his wife, Lise Hampton , who is the sole known inheritor of his estate. She appears in seasons one through five.

She first appears in part two of " A Voice in the Wilderness ". During the Mars Rebellion, Garibaldi becomes concerned about Lise's safety, and learns she has been injured during a riot; Garibaldi is heartbroken when he finds out Lise has married a man named Franz.

Lise and Franz later divorce, and Lise marries wealthy industrialist William Edgars, founder and owner of Edgars Industries. When Edgars is murdered by Psi Corps , Lise inherits Edgars Industries, but goes on the run and turns to the Martian underworld for protection; the criminals take Lise hostage for ransom instead.

Garibaldi and a group of Rangers rescue Lise. A rogue faction of Edgars Industries executives hire an assassin to kill Lise and Garibaldi, but Garibaldi learns who is responsible and takes revenge.

In the series finale, " Sleeping in Light ", Garibaldi and Lise are still happily married and have a teenage daughter named Mary.

Brother Theo is the leader of a group of Roman Catholic monks living on Babylon 5, who appear in a few episodes of season three. Brother Theo and his order of Cistercian Trappist monks from New Melleray Abbey first come to the station in the episode " Convictions ".

The group of monks wish to learn more about the varied aliens and their beliefs, and support that work by offering their services as computer experts and engineers.

With permission from Church officials and the Babylon 5 command staff, they take up residence in the station. Brother Theo and his monks quickly prove their value when they help review security camera footage to catch a bomber who terrorized residents on the station.

Next, Brother Theo appears in the episode " Passing Through Gethsemane ", when he manages to soundly beat John Sheridan in a game of chess.

Sheridan is introduced to Brother Edward Brad Dourif during the course of the game. Soon, Theo becomes concerned about Brother Edward when the monk begins reporting hearing voices and having flashbacks.

Theo, not knowing too much about Edward's past, asks Sheridan and Garibaldi to look into his past. But at the same time Theo is doing the same, and before too long it is learned that Edward was actually the "Black Rose Killer," a serial killer who preyed on women.

After being convicted of the crimes, Edward had his mind wiped, and after being presumed dead in a fire had come to the Order with a new personality designed to want to serve society.

The families of the victims of the "Black Rose Killer" are not satisfied, and want revenge. Using a Centauri telepath and the intercom system, they manage to break down the memory blocks, and one of the family members mortally wounds Edward.

Before dying, Brother Edward is granted absolution by Brother Theo. After the trial and conviction of Brother Edward's killer, Theo takes the newly-mind-wiped man into the order as Brother Malcolm, having forgiven him for killing Edward.

After the station broke away from the Earth Alliance the monks remained on Babylon 5. Brother Theo had helped set up an intelligence network with other religious leaders, and helped bring several of them to Babylon 5 under the pretext of a conference to help smuggle this intelligence to the station's command staff.

She served as a crew member aboard the Icarus , an Interplanetary Expeditions ship that set down on Z'ha'dum approximately two years before John Sheridan's assignment to Babylon 5.

The Icarus and all hands were believed lost at some point during the expedition. In fact, the crew came into contact with the awakening Shadows and at least some crew were "changed" to suit the Shadows' needs.

John Sheridan had lived with guilt over his wife's death as he believed himself partly responsible for her accepting a position on the Icarus.

In , Anna or her body under Shadow control , who had up until that point been used as the living control center of a Shadow vessel, was sent by the Shadows to Babylon 5 to lure John Sheridan to Z'ha'dum.

Both traveled there in the White Star. Anna dies again at Z'ha'dum when John Sheridan remotely activated the White Star , causing it to fall toward the Shadow compound, and then detonating two high-yield nuclear weapons megatons each on board the ship.

Sheridan was named after his paternal grandfather David Sheridan. He did not appear in any of the Babylon 5 television episodes or made-for-television movies, but was featured in Out of the Darkness , the third novel in the canon Legions of Fire novel series.

His existence was first established in the two-part "War Without End" episode from the third season of Babylon 5 when his father traveled forward in time briefly and was told by Delenn that they had a son.

This foreshadowing served to alter the tone of the relationship between Sheridan and Delenn, which was at that point still developing.

It also served as part of the motivation for Sheridan's actions at the end of the third season, which in turn resolved many of the major plotlines thus far in the show.

The final episode of season four, "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" contains a reference to an incident involving David, in a segment set one hundred years later, but does not detail the nature of this.

Towards the end of the fifth and final season of Babylon 5, Delenn finally became pregnant with him. His birth takes place off-camera between the penultimate episode, "Objects at Rest", and the final episode, "Sleeping in Light", set some 19 years later.

In "Sleeping in Light", we learn that David was in training with the Rangers at the time of his father's death. That was after the resolution of the trap set for him and his parents by the Drakh, who used Mollari as their unwilling agent.

According to the DVD commentary for the final episode of Babylon 5, "Sleeping in Light," Straczynski decided not to have David Sheridan appear in that episode, partly because he hadn't figured out how he wanted David to look, and partly because he feared that debuting an important character would detract from the story he wanted to tell in that episode.

David Sheridan finally appeared in the Peter David novel Out of the Darkness as a main character, where he brings his story full circle by, under the control of the evil Drakh, luring his parents to Centauri Prime , thus creating the situation that his father stumbled into in "War Without End", and explaining the reference in "Deconstruction of Falling Stars".

David is saved when the Drakh controlling him is killed, thus causing David's Keeper to wither and die. The two have a long on-again, off-again relationship, though at the end of "Chrysalis" they announce their engagement.

Sakai is an independent planet surveyor and operates the survey ship "Skydancer". G'Kar warns her against surveying Sigma , but she does not take his advice.

She then becomes one of the first humans to come across the "First Ones", who make their home there. Her ship is damaged, and her death imminent, but she is rescued by a ship sent by G'Kar.

Morden was played by Ed Wasser. He is a recurring antagonist in the show and is arguably the face of the primary villains of the series during its first four seasons, as he often manipulates the series' other characters for the Shadows' sinister purposes.

Morden serves as the spokesman on behalf of the Shadows , an ancient and incredibly powerful alien race whom he refers to as his "associates.

Any conversation is overheard by two or three cloaked Shadows, who accompany him at all times and work through him as seen both in the television series and in the novel Babylon 5: The Passing of the Techno-Mages - Invoking Darkness.

Indoctrinated by the Shadows after his capture during an expedition to Z'ha'dum, the Shadows' homeworld, he has accepted to serve because of the Shadows' manipulation of his guilt of the death of his wife and child and because they promise to save his family who he believed were trapped in hyperspace.

When pushed, Morden drops any pretense of friendliness, openly threatening anyone who presents any difficulty to his associates. Morden was killed and beheaded by Londo in , during the efforts to expunge the Shadow influence from Centauri Prime.

His head was placed upon a pike on the Centauri royal grounds, a gift from Londo to his aide, Vir Cotto, who mocks him in the exact manner he said he would, back when Morden had asked Vir what the latter wanted.

He did, however, make a final appearance during the Brakiri holy day, the Day of the Dead, in , in which the living are able to consult with apparitions of the dead.

All the characters who answered the Shadow Question got exactly what they asked for, although Vir was the only one who was satisfied with the results.

Number One was portrayed by Marjorie Monaghan. Throughout the series, she is only referred to as Number One, until the last few episodes of season 5.

Before getting the role of Number One, Monaghan had auditioned for Babylon 5 once or twice before. The producers asked her to read for the part based on her work on Space Rangers , where she had also worked with Claudia Christian Susan Ivanova on B5 years earlier.

Number One first appears in the season 4 episode " Racing Mars as the leader of the resistance movement on Mars. The names Number One , Number Two , etc.

Once there, Franklin manages to convince her to stop her fellow members from attacking civilian targets.

She later becomes head of covert intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance. As she comes aboard the station in the episode " Objects in Motion ", she experiences problems with her identicard and identifies herself as Tessa Holloran.

She remains on board the station in her new role, upon Sheridan's recommendation that she would have access to more resources at Babylon 5 rather than being on Minbar.

The Minbari are an advanced race, who are a galactic superpower just like the Earth-Alliance. Their homeworld is the planet Minbar.

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski named the planet and race after the Islamic pulpit known as a minbar. They were one of the military forces of the younger races in the previous Shadow War the Vorlons being the main force which took place roughly in the Earth year A.

The Minbari were completely defeated by the Shadows in this first war and on the verge of total extinction but were saved by the Earth Babylon 4 station.

The Minbari Federation is a caste society, its people divided into worker, warrior, and religious castes.

The Minbari are led by the Grey Council, which contains nine representatives, originally three from each of the three castes.

The council was disbanded by Ambassador Delenn as part of an effort to fight the Shadows. She later reorganized it, giving the Worker Caste which had previously been caught in the middle of the power struggle between the Warrior and Religious castes a substantial increase of power and influence.

Minbari are humanoid, usually thin and pale, though considerably stronger in hand-to-hand combat than the average human of the same size; they are bald, with gray bony crests across the back of their heads.

The first encounter between Minbari and Humans was a disaster - a misunderstanding led to Earth ships firing on Minbari ships, killing their leader Dukhat and precipitating the Earth-Minbari War.

Shortly before reaching Earth, the Minbari surrendered and retreated. At the time the official reason for this reprieve was unknown.

The Minbari do not believe in any individual God or gods. They instead believe that the universe itself is sentient and that it "broke itself into pieces to study every aspect of its being" as is stated in many episodes through the entire series.

They use base-eleven mathematics [35] [36] and believe the number "3" to be sacred. Branmer is not portrayed by an actor because his deceased body has been cremated.

Branmer's father was a member of the Warrior Caste , his mother was from the Religious Caste. Because the mother's caste takes precedence in Minbari society, Branmer began life as a member of the religious caste.

He was a close friend of Grey Council member Delenn. Branmer felt it was his religious duty to carry out the war against the humans.

When the Grey Council ended the war, Branmer obeyed the order to stand down. In , Branmer was on a diplomatic mission when he suddenly died.

He had previously told Delenn that he had wished for a simple funeral followed by cremation. However, the clan he belonged to - the Star Riders - decided to take him on a lengthy journey home, which was seen as a most unusual move.

The ship carrying Branmer's body soon arrived at Babylon 5. After lying in state over night, Branmer's first officer Neroon , followed by Delenn and the station's command staff, arrived at the place where Branmer's body was held.

When Neroon opened the casket, Branmer's body was gone. It is discovered that Delenn had stolen the body and had Branmer cremated.

She was going to explain his disappearance as a religious mystery, that his body had been physically taken away by the "Gods".

This actually was an inconsistency in the plot, both earlier " Believers " and later episodes had said that the Minbari did not believe in specific religious deities.

These events take place during the episode " Legacies ". Draal was played first by Louis Turenne and later by John Schuck. Feeling that he had no place in modern Minbari society, he set out to visit his former student Delenn on Babylon 5 one final time before leaving to go "to the sea.

It was discovered shortly thereafter that the planet housed a massive, globe-spanning mechanical system called the Great Machine , which was failing due to the terminal health of its supervisor, a lone alien named Varn.

Because the Great Machine required a sentient mind to function as its central operating system, Varn's declining health was causing systematic failures that threatened the planet's integrity.

Draal, reinvigorated by a sense of purpose and the opportunity to assist others in a way he no longer could on Minbar, gladly and willingly offered to take Varn's place as the custodian of the Great Machine.

He then utilized the planet's defenses to destroy the violent separatists of Varn's species who had returned to take back its weapon systems. Once in place, Draal's presence restored the planet to a stable condition and warned all of Babylon 5 station personnel to refrain from landing on the surface; he intended to preserve Varn's mission to protect the advanced technology from misuse, and thus, barred anyone from journeying to the planet until they were ready.

Draal indicated that the machine had a role to fill in some future event, and that he would come to them when ready. The next year, Draal appeared to Captain John Sheridan and put the Great Machine at the disposal of Sheridan and his allies in the fight against the Shadows.

Louis Turenne was unable to reprise the role of Draal, so John Schuck was selected to play the role of Draal.

The difference in appearance between the two men was explained by having the Great Machine restore Draal's health and appearance, making him appear 30 years younger.

In the meantime Draal had discovered that he was not alone on the planet, that there were others there who helped take care of the Great Machine, one of them a being named Zathras.

Draal would appear again in the episode Voices of Authority , again played by Schuck. This time he helped the crew of Babylon 5 make contact with an ancient race considered to be one of the First Ones.

After this appearance, Draal was mentioned from time to time in other episodes, but made no further appearances in the series. Schuck became unavailable due to commitments to a play, and producers did not want to cast a third actor for the role.

Michael Straczynski has stated that he had other plans for the character, including an appearance in the first part of War Without End.

When Babylon 5 declared independence from the Earth Alliance in the episode Severed Dreams , the crew used Draal's holographic systems to allow Sheridan to broadcast the declaration to residents and crew on board the station.

Ivanova asked Sheridan if they should seek Draal's help in defending the station. Sheridan said it was their fight, not his, and that he wanted to keep Draal's alliance with the station a secret as long as possible.

Later that year Draal used the Great Machine to expand the temporal rift in sector 14, where the Babylon 4 station had been.

Doing so allowed John Sheridan and Jeffrey Sinclair to take the White Star back in time, and ensure that Babylon 4 entered the temporal rift and wound up 1, years in the past as was its destiny.

Sinclair rode the station into the past, and became the Minbari leader Valen. Once Sheridan and the White Star arrived back in the present, Draal closed the rift so that no one else would become trapped in there.

After the Vorlons and the Shadows left the galaxy, President Morgan Clark began a propaganda war against Babylon 5 and its crew. In order to counter this propaganda, Sheridan and Ivanova decided to broadcast their own reports on the atrocities of the Clark regime from the station's War Room.

Because of the great distance from Babylon 5 to Earth, Ivanova enlists the assistance of Draal and the Great Machine to provide the massive power needed to enhance the broadcast signal across the divide.

Dukhat was portrayed by Reiner Schöne. He was first mentioned in the episode " Soul Hunter ". His only appearances were in the movie In the Beginning and in the episode " Atonement " as flashbacks.

Dukhat was the leader of the Minbari Grey Council when he was first introduced in the film In the Beginning. The Minbari considered him one of their greatest leaders, second only to the legendary Valen.

Dukhat's administration of the Council was marked by growing fears of the reemergence of the ancient enemy of the Minbari, The Shadows.

Many in the Gray Council refused to consider the possibility of the Shadows' return. In defiance, Dukhat ordered that the Council travel directly to the planet Z'ha'dum to investigate the rumors more closely.

It was on this voyage that the Minbari first encountered humans. This first contact ended disastrously for both sides.

The Minbari Warrior Caste soldiers who crewed the Council's flagship approached the Earth fleet with open gunports, a traditional gesture of respect.

Realizing that humans would have no knowledge of this tradition, Dukhat ordered the gunports closed, but it was too late. Since the Earth ships could not jump away due to an accidental side effect of the powerful Minbari scanners, which prevented Earth jump engines from working and the human fleet commander was known to handle first contact situations rather badly, the humans believed that the Minbari were about to attack; they misinterpreted the Minbari gesture and opened fire.

Dukhat was killed in the exchange, his death witnessed only by a grieving Delenn, whom Dukhat had trained. Delenn swore vengeance against the humans who had killed her master, and cast the deciding Council vote that began the Earth-Minbari War.

In The Beginning also revealed that Dukhat had secret Vorlon advisors when Vorlons had not openly contacted the Minbari for a long time. Neroon is a portrayed by John Vickery.

He was a recurring guest character throughout the series. During the storied Earth-Minbari War , Neroon fought against the humans and eventually became Alit second in command of a Minbari warship under the command of Shai Alit Branmer , a Minbari of mixed Religious- and Warrior- caste parentage, who was so incensed by what he perceived as the humans' unprovoked murder of Dukhat , the leader of the Grey Council , that he defied tradition and took up his father's caste, the Warrior caste.

Neroon came to idolise Branmer but developed a distinct hatred and distrust of both humans and the Religious Caste. After Branmer's death, Neroon accompanied his body on a tour of Minbari-occupied space in defiance of Branmer's final wishes to have a simple cremation ceremony and scattering his ashes in space over Minbar , and was ready to start the war again when the body suddenly went missing Legacies.

After the transformation of Delenn in , he replaced her on the Grey Council , creating for the first time an imbalance of power between the castes.

He was not impressed by the revelation of the Grey Council 's secret and was angry at the years their leaders had been concealing the truth about the end of the war from the Minbari people.

He blamed, or appeared to blame, the religious caste for this at that time, referring somewhat later to "the usual fanaticism we've come to expect from the religious caste".

It took Delenn 's honesty and willingness for self-sacrifice for the good of their people, and the revelation of the corruption rampant amongst his own caste's leadership, to make him change his mind All Alone in the Night.

At the climax of the Minbari Civil war, Delenn challenged the leader of the warrior caste to stand in the Starfire wheel, a dangerous energy field and a symbol of leadership.

The head of the warrior caste ultimately surrendered and left the circle, but Delenn stayed, intending for the death of a religious caste member to end the war.

Moved by her bravery, Neroon took her place in the wheel. Declaring that in his heart, he was always a member of the religious caste, he died and ended the war Moments of Transition.

Neroon was a complex character, a person of principle and courage who was deeply affected by his war service, a person of deep loyalties who was nonetheless eventually capable of seeing beyond these, who came to realize that the greatest courage is to admit when one is wrong, and to do whatever is necessary to make up for it, no matter the personal cost.

When Delenn then restored the Grey Council, she held the leadership position of the Council open, stating: 'This place is reserved in memory of Neroon, until the day it is taken by the one who is to come'.

The Centauri Republic , once a mighty empire, has grown decadent and is in a slow decline. The planet has a population of about 3.

The Centauri, a humanoid race similar in appearance to humans, are a proud and aristocratic people governed by an emperor and a nobility-driven senate called the Centaurum.

The Centauri were the first alien race to openly contact humanity. This ruse failed once human scientists got access to Centauri DNA , but Centauri-Human trade and contact led to tremendous technological advancement and humanity's eventual rise as a major power.

For instance, it was the Centauri who sold jumpgate technology to the Earth Alliance , allowing humanity to start colonizing interstellar space.

Centauri males of high social status typically wear their hair in Peacock -tail shaped fans, the length and style of which are determined by relative social class.

Low-class Centauri males have not been seen without helmets. Centauri females mostly or entirely shave their heads.

The cardio-vascular system of Centauri includes two hearts instead of the single heart that humans have. The right heart is a solid mass of muscle which provides most of the force behind the body's blood circulation.

The left heart is much more complex - this heart is made up of an intricate system of thousands of veins that help cleanse the blood in a manner similar to the human kidneys.

Male Centauri have six tentacle-like genital organs that extend out from the sides of the body and "fold" in over the solar plexus when not in use.

The males can stretch the tentacles out to four feet. A popular Centauri meal is a dish called spoo , [45] which mostly serves as a running gag in the show.

The government of the Centauri Republic is, despite it being called a republic, ruled by an Emperor and an assembly of Ministers and heads of various Houses that form the Centaurum.

Michael Straczynski makes a specific comparison: "the British Empire once upon a time It was a great military power. But slowly, as can happen, they grew content, and lazy, and gradually their own empire began to slip between their fingers".

Emperor Cartagia was played by Wortham Krimmer. He is mentioned by name early in the series, but his first on-screen appearance is in the fourth season episode The Hour of the Wolf.

Cartagia was the nephew of Emperor Turhan. When Cartagia was installed as emperor in by a group of Centauri politicians led by Lord Refa and Londo Mollari , he acted as, essentially, a powerless figurehead; however, he gradually amassed near-absolute power.

The scale of his self-aggrandizement and madness were exposed in early , near the end of the Shadow War , when he willingly brought Centauri Prime to the brink of annihilation by the Vorlons in an effort to secure his place among the gods.

When Turhan died while on a visit to Babylon 5, he left no direct heirs as his son had also died recently in an "accident".

It was expected that his Prime Minister, Malachi, would be the next Emperor but he was assassinated by forces loyal to Lord Refa.

Several Centauri houses then vied for the throne but were unable to secure a binding claim, enabling Cartagia, with the backing of Refa's agents, to accede.

Serving largely as a figurehead for Refa and his agents, Cartagia was in favor of the military expansion of the Centauri, including the conquest of the Narn, and this quickly translated into the Narn-Centauri conflict of After defeating the Narn in a series of quick strikes aided by the Shadows and illegal mass drivers , Cartagia's government undertook military campaigns against other races bordering Centauri space.

At first, Cartagia merely seemed flamboyant and self-indulgent, with his shocking lower-class hairstyle and numerous hangers-on.

It did not take long for Mollari to realize that Cartagia was dangerously insane, especially after he learned from Morden that Cartagia had allowed the Shadows , reeling from the events on Z'ha'dum , to establish a base on the Centauri homeworld.

Mollari expressed his concerns to a member of the royal court, who explained that though the Centarum had tried to oppose Cartagia, all of his opposition had since disappeared, with the rumor being that Cartagia had hidden their heads in a secret room , where he spoke with them on a regular basis.

Mollari later discovered this rumor to be true; it was also around this time that Londo learned that the Vorlons were destroying any planet with even the slightest taint of Shadow influence.

When Londo informed Cartagia of this, he explained that the Shadows had agreed to reward his assistance by turning him into a deity.

Cartagia then explained that the Vorlons would help his plans for deification by turning Centauri Prime into a massive inauguration pyre.

Londo knew that, in order to protect his planet and its people, he would have to kill Cartagia. During these events, G'Kar was captured and brought to Centauri Prime, initially presented by the Emperor as a gift to Londo.

Cartagia proceeded to have G'Kar tortured prior to being executed, having him lashed with an electro-whip and even having an eye removed because he didn't like the way the Narn looked at him.

Londo secretly visited G'Kar in his cell during all this and came to an agreement: in return for G'Kar's assistance in his plot to assassinate Cartagia, Londo would end the Centauri occupation of Narn.

As part of this plot, Mollari convinced Cartagia to take G'Kar to Narn and execute him there, thus allowing Mollari to draw the Emperor away from the royal court, leaving him more vulnerable.

When they arrived on Narn, Cartagia planned to have G'Kar killed in front of local Narns to break their spirit. Mollari had arranged for the chains on G'Kar's restraints to be weakened, to distract Cartagia long enough for Londo to act.

They would then secretly inject a poison into the Emperor which would cause his cardiovascular system to shut down nearly instantly. The plan came close to failure when Cartagia had G'Kar's chains replaced after noting that they looked "weak.

In the commotion Mollari escorted Cartagia away from the fight and prepared to inject the poison into him. Cartagia went into a fit of rage about how this was not part of his destiny and reacting to being told to quiet down by Mollari, turned and punched him, knocking the device away.

Cartagia grabbed Mollari in a stranglehold, ranting about how Mollari deserved to burn with the rest of the Centauri for failing to see his greatness.

As Cartagia turned to walk away, he was injected with the poison by Vir Cotto , who had picked up the device while Londo and Cartagia struggled.

Cartagia grabbed Vir by the throat, but was immediately overcome, falling insensible as he moaned that his dream of becoming a god would never be realized.

Shortly after this, the Imperial guards found Cartagia, supported by Mollari and Vir. Mollari explained that the Emperor had collapsed and that he believed the Emperor's hearts had failed.

Mollari kept his promise to G'Kar, by explaining to the court that Centauri dealings with the Narn have resulted in the deaths of two Emperors and that Cartagia would interpret this as a sign from the gods to leave.

In the following days, as the Army of Light planned for its final assault upon the Vorlons and the Shadows, Mollari systematically removed the Shadow influence from Centauri Prime.

He dealt first with the Shadow vessels on Centauri Prime by destroying the island they were on and then had Mr. Morden beheaded. Following the death of Emperor Cartagia, the Centauri government decided not to name a new Emperor right away, hoping to prevent the possibility of another Cartagia assuming the throne.

Indeed, a long-serving minister, Virini , remarked the royal bloodline was not what it once was due to inbreeding , commenting that, "

Kosh Naranek. Spacecenter Babylon 5 Jo Baier Der Fluss der Seelen. Gonzales 0 Fans. Er betreibt dessen Ermordung und wird danach selbst Premierminister der Centauri, überlässt die Carmine Caridi aber einem politisch unbelasteten Regenten. Es folgte eine längere Zeit als Börsenmakler. Nina packt neuen Mut und ihre letzten Reserven für eine Rettungsaktion.


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